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Whatever the cause, be it pervasive mold in your body or in your home, treatment may be necessary. Just as you can get rid of the mold in your home, you will need to rid your body of the fungus causing your immune response. The fungi breeds in the mucous lying on top of the mucous membrane, which can be removed through nasal irrigation with saline or nasal rinsing solutions. By applying an antifungal agent, such as amphotericin B or Itraconazole, to the mucus either through irrigation or a spray, you can reduce the amount of fungi present.

My mold-affected patients spray each nostril twice a day with this antifungal solution. This regimen is known to reduce mucous membrane thickening as well as the related symptoms, thereby reducing the need for systemic steroids. There are few side effects, and this treatment can be used indefinitely, although I usually recommend starting off with a 3-month trial.

A minor side effect of antifungal irrigation, such as Amphotericin B, is a burning feeling in the nose, but this is due to the fact that Amphotericin B needs to be mixed in sterile water. This solution is not easy to obtain: It has to be made at a special compounding pharmacy and must be refrigerated and protected from light. Other antifungal sprays are becoming available to the general public, although this medicine requires a prescription. Because a topical application must get into
the sinuses to be effective, it is often necessary to undergo functional endoscopic sinus surgery before it will work with a maximal effect.

Other patients seem to respond to treatment with oral antifungals, including Sporanox and Diflucan. Systemic antifungal agents, such as those given intravenously, have many potentially severe side effects. However, this treatment may be necessary for those with systemically invasive fungus and who are immunocompromised with AIDS or diabetes.

Sinus Tips:
To prevent your body’s immune system reaction, you can make yourself less appealing to mold, so it will become more difficult for it to thrive. One important step can be through
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When you have fungal sinusitis, the toxins can cause enormous mucus production. As this mucus drips into the throat and into the stomach, the stomach will react by producing acid.
Ask yourself the following to see if you are allergic to mold: ■ Do you sneeze or feel stuffy when you walk into a damp or musty house or basement or a damp barn or garage? O
This initial hit of inflammation would probably lead you to believe that you had come down with a simple cold.